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Christopher Johnson addresses the media...


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10 minutes ago, drsamuel84 said:

Can the Johnson's please just let the football people make these decisions?  It's time to remove this structure of the HC and GM reporting to the owner.  They gave Joe Douglas a 6 year contract, he's brought in an experienced group to run the front office, let them do their job and stay out of it.  How would Christopher Johnson really know better than Joe and his team if Gase is a good Head Coach? It's a ridiculous thought and poor management.

It's not unusual. The Steelers and Chiefs do it the same way(GM and HC both report to team pres/CEO).

We just complain because the team sucks.

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Every year this team is in the top ten as far as most financially valuable franchises in the NFL and that's with 10+ years of not making the playoffs.


Don't you people get it?   

As long as the cash registers keep filling, the Johnsons just don't care.


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26 minutes ago, varjet said:

This is the chain of command.  JD and Gase report to Chris (who secretly answers to Woody).  

I did not say it was a good chain of command, but many other teams are structured the same way.  

Many other teams do not have an owner with zero life experience

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15 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

I’ve lived in Georgia, could have gone Panthers, Falcons, Jaguars, or even Bucs... but NOoOooo!

Ive also lived in Indiana, could have gone Colts or Bears, but nnnOoOOOOOooo!

I live in Mass now... **** the Pats.

What are you running away From.... WHAT DID YOU DO????


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