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Cimini from the top rope!

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Historically accurate photos have surfaced...

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This was posted at 1:44pm

This was posted at roughly 6pm

So he tweaked a word or two and thought he could pass this off.  Does he not have any clue about how Twitter works and how ruthless its followers are?

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Just now, Bugg said:

Except Mehta no longer has any press credential and was not there. 

Complete and total beatdown. 

Doesn’t matter, it will probably be posted on the Jets site within the hour. Cimini looking foolish here. 

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4 minutes ago, freestater said:

What exactly is Manish's endgame here? I mean, the guy seems universally disliked even by other members of the press corps. Is he just trying to bide time at a dying paper until he lands another gig?

His end game is the same as Ciminis with his Trevor Lawrence article- clicks 

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