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Draft Capital invested in QB position since 2009

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3 hours ago, GreekJet said:

2009-1st and 2nd round pick (Sanchez)

2011- 7th round pick (McElroy)

2012-4th round pick (Tebow)

2013-2nd round pick (Geno)

2014-7th round pick (Boyd)

2016-2nd round pick (Hackenberg)

2018-1st and (2) 2nd round picks (Darnold)

2019-2nd round pick (Darnold)

2020-4th round pick (Morgan)

And you want to know why this roster is in terrible shape? Last five years alone the Jets have spent the 6th overall pick, (4) seconds, and a fourth on Sam Darnold, Christian Hackenberg, and James Morgan. 

It's funny. I wouldn't have picked a single one of those guys.  Not one.

Not to say every QB I wanted at that drafts has been a rocket success, they haven't by any stretch, but man.....what a trashheap of wasted picks (Darnold and Morgan still TBD, of course).

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