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Where football is going ...

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So what was the NFL thinking to allow a team in their largest market to be purchased with the proceeds of a trust fund owned by three people who never otherwise accomplished anything in their lives?

The trust fund existed because the major corporation named after their family cashed them out to get them away from the business. 

What other NFL team is similarly owned?  You have some inherited teams, and they tend to stink too, but at least football was in their family. 

Its a bad cycle.  The Johnsons need to be involved because they have nothing else to do and don’t want to pay a real President.  That means they can only hire lesser quality people. They are lucky JD came here, and that was for 4x as much money as their offered-2x as much for 2x as long.  When the people underperform, they try and justify their decisions. 

We can all see that Gase can’t coach and that the team has too many injuries.  Sam has his flaws like most prospects but he was decent raw material.  Burrow was fixed at LSU and now has Taylor.  Allen is being coached in Buffalo.  Jackson in Baltimore.  Darnold is not being coached.  

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