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1 hour ago, sec101row23 said:

Both Cinnci and Cleveland have better rosters than the Jets, I’m still not sure people realize just how bad this Jets’s roster is right now.   

The Browns arguably have the best skills positions in the NFL.  Watching Chubb and Hunt run was a treat last night.  Wow.  They go 4 deep at WR and 3 deep at TE.  Strong OL.  Stupid good.  They should be scoring 30 a game.

The Bengals 4th WR is arguably as good as anyone on the Jets.  Mixon sucks but he can catch and Bernard is a nice back.  Decent TE's.  sh*tty OL.

The Jets have, a rookie LT.  When a rookie LT is the best player on your team, you suck.  You suck something awful.

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