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Better hope Sam can get it together

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8 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

Sorry, it's not in my DNA to be angry after one game. I recognize that most of the teams with a lot of new starters lost. 

But its not just 1 game though.  It's 10 years of no playoffs, 27 games into the Darnold era, and 17 games into the Gase era.  We are 7-10, -93 in net points in those 17 Gase games, and 11-16 when Darnold starts (-81 net points in those).  Darnold is still making rookie mistakes in Year 3.

You and johnnysd can look at that and see positives all you want, I guess.  Have at it.

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You think the Jets looked better than the Browns or Bengals? I don't see it, at all.

Browns 7-9 Bengals 4-12 jets 2-14

Sorry Cowbell, the Browns won't be competing for the top overall pick. I know Baker is a flawed quarterback but I cannot see them losing more than 8 to 9 games. Most average quarterbacks could do well

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