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How do we fix the wr situation?

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9 minutes ago, Mo Lew said:

At some point doesn’t Joe D realize he’s killing Sam by not having any wr talent?

Wouldn’t it be prudent to act this year? Not to try and be successful this year but to preserve the overall chance that we may be better in future ones? 

Thank you!  Exactly my point.  If we couldn't be competitive this year we should have at least been all about giving Sam the opportunity to show what he could do.   Drafting only one WR and signing journeyman cast-offs like Perriman and Doctson was criminal.  We needed an upgrade over Robby and Demaryius, instead we have a major downgrade.  Sure Mims may turn out to be a good one, but he is no slam dunk, in a draft that was as deep at WR as this past one, you HAD to come away with two.


I'm sorry but drafting guys like Davis, Zuniga, Morgan and Clarke were not the type of picks a rebuilding team should have made - those are depth picks for a solid roster.  

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3 hours ago, Jetster said:

Let's put this post away & take a look a thing it in the near future. Most Rookie WRs don't start anyway. It was a terrible year for free agent WRs, no way in hell Obrien wasn't trading Hopkins into the AFC, and it is what it is with injuries. 

I would agree with you if it were a typical draft class, but this year the number of NFL caliber WR talent was astounding.  Not to mention, it is not a stretch to say any rookie WR picked in the first four rounds would be more impactful than Perriman.

Through ONE week 18 rookie WRs have already had an impact.   They were :

Rookie WRs currently starting for their respective teams:

Tee Higgins Cincinnati Round 2 pick 33

Brandon Aiyuk  49ers Round 1 Pick 25

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Round 1 Pick 22

Henry Ruggs II, Las Vegas, Round 1 Pick 12

Laviska Shenault, Jaguars, Round 2 Pick 42

Nonstarters who had a week 1 impact:

Ceedee Lamb - Dallas - 5 catches 59yds

Jerry Jeudy - Denver - 4 catches 56yds

Tyrie Cleveland - Denver - 1 Catch 7yds

Michael Pittman - Colts - 2 catches 10 yds

Chase Claypool - Pitts - 2 catches 39 yds

Gabriel Davis - Buffalo - 2 catches 16 yds

Van Jefferson - Rams - 1 Catch 31yds

Bryan Edwards - Las Vegas - 1 catch 9 yards

Devin Duvernay - Ravens - 1 Catch 12 yds

Colin Johnson - Jaguars - 1 Catch 14yds

Quintez Cephus - Lions - 3 Catches 43yds

Darnell Mooney - Bears - 3 catches 38 yds

Freddie Swain - Seattle - 1 catch 17yds

(The above does not count WRs who were injured like KJ Hamlin and, obviously, Denzell Mims)

In a draft that saw 32 WRs taken the MOST WR needy team in the NFL selected ONE - that was INEXCUSIBLE unless there was a plan B.  Did we need Ashtyn Davis (who looks like he couldn't tackle a High School football WR) or James Morgan so much that we couldn't pick up another WR??????


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