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our "number one wr" perriman better shine this weekend


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We need to give Perriman a chance.  It is not his fault that Mims got hurt or JD didn't think it made sense to add another legit WR when he had the opportunity to do so.   At this point, it is on Sam to get his head out of his ass and justify this team trading 3 second round picks to move up to draft him.  No more excuses.  He and Perriman need to be on the same page.   After watching Burrow perform like a 5 year vet last night, I am out of excuses for Darnold.  Does he need more weapons? Yes.  Has his first two years been tough?  Yes.  Guess what?  At this point I don't GAF.   Time to rise to the occasion.  I don't think we will win on Sunday but I really want to see a Quarterback that is charge of the huddle and who can move this team down the field and get his team in the end zone and at least make a game of it. 

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21 hours ago, kmnj said:

dude was brought in here to be our "number one"-8 million 

bell is hurt

crowder is hurt

time for him to step up and earn some of his salary

this years niners can be thrown on and are not the same team from last year

he better get 100+ yards with a td -none of these trash 35 yards with 3 catches.....and no tds

Former Bucs’ WR Breshad Perriman is signing with the Jets on a one-year deal for worth up to $8 million, including $6 million guaranteed




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