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Greek Jets Keys to Victory

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3 hours ago, GreekJet said:

1) Stay disciplined on Defense-49ers  offense uses a ton of motion. Gap integrity is key to success on defense. Need to avoid Todd Bowles level penalties as well. 


2) Sam Darnold needs to get off to a fast start-Get a couple of firsts downs in first quarter/get offense into rhythm. 

3)Chris Herndon-with Crowder out needs to step up. He was awful last Sunday. 

4) Special Teams-Contributed to offensive struggles in a major way last week. Needs to avoid penalties/bad kick returns and coverage. 

Is this John idzik? Mike McCagon?  😂

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3 hours ago, Losmeister said:

They are banged up as hell, WR, OL, CB... they are treating us as a joke, they are flying across the continent to play, in effect@1000am...

its not that i think its highly probable...  I'd lay $50 if i got 4:1 say....


We'll find out soon enough. 

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6 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

But.. you FEEL me..how Jetsy to put in a stinker and then UNEXPECTEDLY look decent?


The Jets have always seemed to play better at home FWIW. 

This is also still the NFL. Even the worst team can be competitive with the best team on any given Sunday. 


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