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What a Hard Core Giants Fan Told Me

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14 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

We're not there already?  OK then, a few more games should do the trick for the rest of you...

No, I am not there yet.  Quickest route to success for this team is for Darnold to prove to be a competent QB and Gase to prove himself to be a competent coach.  It is ony week 2, I am rooting for the Jets to turn it around and for Darnold and Gase to show us they can win together with this team.  Do I expect it to happen?  No.  

But it is only week 2, I am rooting for my team.  I have a feeling that will change in a few weeks and the tank will be on.  But right now, I want my team to win. 

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