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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread

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Max started the game thread

On the bright side one thing did remain very consistent for the Jets the amount of people in the stands in the 4th quarter at home.

Lol Rewatch Becton on that reverse 😂  pancakes the DB who makes almost no effort to get back up hes already my favorite Jet 

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The Jets need for the Chinese Virus to make a return and put the NFL out of business so they can appreciate what they had. Losers since Namath. The 49ers lose their entire defense this game, Garaffalo is limping on one leg and the Jets still get their azzes kicked. Haw Haw haw...
Even as a troll account did you really think this name and that picture were appropriate?

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1 minute ago, Samtorobby47 said:

Gase knows there’s other directions to run other then straight up the gut right

At a loss why running behind Becton laying waste to all that is in front of him is not called every 3rd play. 

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