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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread


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Just now, JiF said:

So hard to care about a team that clearly doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about winning 

I don’t know why I care so much. It’s just not worth it. Maybe one day I’ll realize that. I keep saying year after year one day it’ll be all worth it, but I think I should come to the realization it never will. 

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Just now, Memore said:

This will continue to happen until Adam Gase is gone. We might be the worst team in the league with him as the coach 

Just like everything would be fixed by firing Todd Bowles, right?

Gase sucks and we need a new HC for sure.  But the roster has been the bigger problem than the coaching for a decade.

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1 minute ago, GreekJet said:

This is an 0-16 roster and an 0-16 coaching staff. 

and the worst front office and the worst owners in ALL Pro sports. Even if the Jets end up with the 1st pick in the draft it won't mean a thing, he'll suck or get injured or be misused-it's not worth it anymore-sell the team


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First half observations:

sam looks much better

use the QB sneak on 4th and 1!!!

perriman needs to suck it up And get back out there

Anderson is completely responsible for that last touchdown - another bonehead played by a losing team

Becton is a star

Bless Austin might be one too

i think Mims will be transformative 

I have high hopes for Ashton Davis but he has had a couple welcome to the NFL moments including that first touchdown by Mostert

IOL needs upgrades- 



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