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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread


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Just now, Mogglez said:

I just spent the entire week running a "Tank for Trevor" campaign and I can't even blame Darnold today.

Have you seen what he's throwing too?  Have you seen the playcalling?  

Of course.   But these are the tools we went into the season with.  Ultimately, it's on us.  We thought enough enough of thesenscumbags to give them control of the team.  If Darnold is suffering, it's because of these dicks.

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There are plenty of reasons to be unhappy with Darnold. There are more reasons to be unhappy with the team and their preparedness. Maybe Darnold isn't the solution, but you put another rookie on this team and they will not succeed either. Fix the team first including the coaching, and then see if we need to upgrade QB.

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2 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

My son wanted me to go golfing today with him and his buddies all NY Jets fans, I declined as I only ever payed golf 1 other time and wanted to watch this game. 

Next week I might be on the course with new clubs, shoes etc. 

Screw this team. 

I don’t like golf. I don’t like paying to be bad at things. Would much rather spend 100 bucks for 18 holes instead of the gaping hole that is this franchise. 

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