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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread


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We are bad at every facet of the game. There are a few minor positives to glean from this game, but not much, to be honest.

Sam Darnold being neutered right in front of us by our bug-eyed failure of a genius head coach is the absolute icing on top of this sh*t show cake. 

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What the f**k happened to this defense.  The 6 on offense does not surprise me today, given the state of the WR position.  But giving up 31 points and nearly 200 rushing yards to a banged up 49er offense.  How does that happen.  What is Gregg Williams doing with the defense this year.  Last week was bad enough as Josh Allen carved us up, but this is now two weeks in a row of abysally bad defense.

No Jamal happened...
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1 minute ago, kevinc855 said:

That’s just not factually accurate.

who on this team is from macagnan??

Marcus Maye

Steve Mclendon

Henry Anderson

Le'Veon Bell

Bless Austin

Blake Cashman

Neville Hewitt

Braxton Berrios

Chuma Edoga

I mean do I have to keep going?

An even more pathetic list would be the guys that aren't on this team because of Maccagnan's decisions such as *checks list* Jachai Polite in the third.

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