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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread


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Anyone can coach a team loaded with superior talent, great coaches take advantage of games like this to get creative and showcase their coaching ability. He has no ability to do that. Yes, the roster is hot garbage, but at least try something a little less conventional and vanilla to manufacture at least the appearance of competitive desire. He is rapidly losing his chance of ever being considered for a head coaching gig again.

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Just now, funaz said:

What happens? Darnold should play every snap he needs the work


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The game is over. Nothing productive could come out of him still playing. Nothing. But if he gets injured , then you could kiss goodbye to the rest of the season today

is that what you want?

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Just now, kevinc855 said:

So a vast minority of the team??

and weren’t you were one of the guys saying maye could fill in for adams???

Maye has been one of the better players on that list.  You asked for names so I was just rattling them.  Look at the stats from last week and tell me with a straight face that you would trade 2 Firsts and a starter for the difference in their stats.

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