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Lot K Tailgaters

Any Other Season Ticket Holders Emotional Tonight?

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6 hours ago, Lot K Tailgaters said:

If this was a normal year on the night before the home opener at about this time (around 12:30 AM) I’d be getting ready for bed and waiting for my 5:15 AM alarm.  I would head out of the house around 6:15 AM pick my father up and be waiting on line around 7:15 AM waiting for the lots to open.  The Jets could be great or absolutely awful we didn’t care.  We were happy to be with other Jets fans, see the regulars who are there early for the lots to open, see our tailgate friends and family, high five some employees we have become friend with and also be happy to see the people who sit near us.  

It stinks that we are unable to do that this year.  Instead my 3 year old son and I will hang out in the driveway tomorrow morning and I will make him pancakes.  I’ll have my Jets flag flying from the wheel stand flag pole mount.  It will be a LOT different.  I may try socially distanced tailgating this season as well a few times from home but again still not the same.  Any other season ticket holders feeling down too?   

I do have to also give the ticket office credit.  The package I received Friday was actually pretty nice of them.  

I just want to note this thread is to talk about how we are coping with watching from home tomorrow.  It is not about your views on Covid or whether you do or do not feel that things should be open.  

Thanks for this.I think you captured what so many of us are feeling. This would have been year 41 for us. There is nothing better than getting into the lot, unpacking the car, setting up,cracking that  first cold one, and start catching up with your “extended family.” As usual, the only thing that can ruin the day is the Jets😎

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