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When is Enough Enough?

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Just now, ScarletKnight89 said:

Promote Williams I guess. They got to do something. This is pathetic. They don't play competitive football. 

After this debacle? They were lucky a second long TD run was called back. Bad penalties to extend drives. A defense that is getting picked apart by a one-legged QB.


If Gase goes, Williams needs to see the door, too.

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11 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

Team sucks in terms of talent and is poorly coached - but this wasn't news to anyone who was paying the least bit of attention.

This. The challenge becomes now that the poor roster and bad coach are being completely confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, what do ownership in Joe Douglas do?

Are any changes made?

If this team is non-competitive against a weakened 49ers team with no Bosa, no Kittle, no Deebo Samuel, a limping Jimmy Garoppolo... Then I’ll be shocked if this team wins three games this year.


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17 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

The Jets are non-competitive again today. How much longer does Gase get to coach this team?

The 49ers QB is on one leg and is just lightly tossing balls to his receivers who are wide open. We look awful yet again...

Long time. Owner love him. 

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2 more coaches stealing money. 

Look at Garapolos numbers, lmao! Without 3 offensive starters including the best TE in football. 

3 points. Absolutely no creativity. You can see the difference between a guy doing more with a lot of injuries (Shanahan), and Gase offense facing a 49ers defense without 4 starters including the best pass rusher + a starting DE get hurt & we can't even get 1 yard in 2 tries. Just stomach churning. 

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In modern NFL football there is zero excuse not to take at least one shot at a 35+ yard passing completion in an entire half of football. We had a couple 2nd and shorts to take the shot. There are 2 good outcomes, 2neutral and 1 bad.

This team is looking like when we had Chad post 2nd shoulder surgery out there.

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