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Not only no playoffs in a dozen years but not even a winning record in all that time

First game that year: 

Loss in Buffalo 31-0, Todd 16-25-138-0-2, 418 yds given up by D 

Second Game:

Loss vs Bengals at Shea, 4Q lead, Bengals come back late, Jets fumble at their own 12 and Cincy takes it in to seal the game. One of the most heartbreaking losses in Shea history

Third Game:

Loss in Pittsburgh 38-10. TD was garbage time by backup QB. D gives up 566 yds


Well there was no board then but you can imagine the reaction on these pages at that point.

So what happens?

The team only loses two more games 

Several players step up well over the level they had played at in their careers to that point

Jets make the playoffs and play at home (albeit it was how they did the wildcard back then)

Jets 15 yds (or so) and one play from going to the divisional playoffs


Now I am not saying that this is how it will go down, but my point is, no matter how bad it looks, you keep on watching. It only happens a couple of times a generation but every so often. the Football Gods look down upon the downtrodden and bestow a gift 


See 'ya next week.




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