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Quinnen Williams 7 tackles 2 sacks


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Just now, Jolot said:

F the NY media , the OG’s of fake news . You don’t need the media in your pocket to play in this town anymore , nobody listens to what they say , nobody cares what they say . The athlete can communicate directly with the fans now in many different ways . 

I like that QW doesn’t like the media

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12 minutes ago, varjet said:

Great game by Quinnen.  He does look much better playing and physically.

Quinnen had a great game and the Jets still looked terrible on defense.

Jamal Adams played great and the Jets still lost most of their games with him here.

These guys are not impact players. 

Our secondary looked absolutely horrible today.  Hackenberg could have thrown for 500 yards against us 

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31 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

Best game of his career. He needs to do this pretty consistently if he is going to justify being picked 3rd overall. Showing up every once in a while won't cut it. 

 Yeah he needs to be a consistent star like other 3rd overall picks: Soloman Thomas, Trent Richardson, Blake Bortles, Dante Fowler, and Tayson Jackson.

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4 minutes ago, Ruby2 said:

Would be absolutely shocked if Coples ever had 2 sacks in a game.

Then prepared to be shocked. Had two sacks in his sixth career game, a 35-9 win over the Colts in week 6, 2012. He also had 1.5 sacks in week 15, 2012, a 27-17 loss to the Chargers (it was also the third straight game he recorded one or more sacks).

Coples had 2 sacks against the Dolphins in week 17, 2014 (a 37-24 win which was Geno Smith's best game as a Jets QB - 20 of 25 for 358 yards and three touchdowns).

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