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Quinnen Williams 7 tackles 2 sacks

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Then goes out and looks like a jerk in one of the worst post game interviews I've ever seen

If you can't deal with the NY media, you can't play in this town

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1 hour ago, Maxman said:

He had a smile on his face the whole time. He was really short with Cimini, but I watched his whole presser. He answered everything that was asked. He was just really short with Cimini but he wasn't rude to anyone. Gave good answers actually:

-Have to finish plays

-Lack of preseason isn't an excuse

-Gregg Williams said he has turned the corner. Q said I set the bar high and I expect a lot of myself, I can always do better.

wasn't the same as showed on SNY

he had a sour look on his face, a really bad attitude and would only answer "have to look at he film" to every question whether it had to do with the question or not and nothing else. Clearly was not going to respond to any question and had no reason to be standing there. Made him look very unprofessional and Bart Scott was all over him for it. His response was quite severe. Did no one else see this?

I was very surprised at the negative reposnses to what I said based on what I saw . Were there different press events or did SNY only show what made him look bad?

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5 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

Think he was just showing he doesn't care for losing and want to discuss it really. Maybe we need players on our team to be hateful of losing since so many accept it so freely.

Then why even show up at the podium? Did he think they wanted to talk about where he likes to eat in town?

Maybe I'm just being an old fella and unrealisticly expect pro athletes to deport themselves as professionals. Maybe I was overly taken by Bart Scott hammering him for how he acted. 

Based on the reaction to what I wrote, I am in a very small minority of one on this

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