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Chase Claypool is a BEAST

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11 minutes ago, Wonderboy said:

But haven’t you heard? We are tanking for Trevor and trading Sam 🤣

Simply goofy

If the Jets have the #1 pick, then yeah, it probably means that Darnold has either gotten severely hurt or hasn’t really shown the ability to lift a team up by its bootstraps and somewhat overcome...so you might as well take Lawrence.

But trading away the bulk of our picks for Lawrence or taking a lesser prospect like Fields or Lance?

Yeah...f*ck that.

Darnold was Lawrence before Lawrence. Have that many fans really forgotten about that? I guess they have...

You don’t toss away this kid 3 years in like we did with a much lesser prospect like Sanchez.

You continue to focus the majority of your resources to build around him unless he looks like a complete lost cause. Which he sure as hell isn’t...yet...

There’s still time to correct this sh*tclasm.

And we can only pray that JD is the man to do it.

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