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Brian Schottenheimer?

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13 hours ago, Charlie Brown said:

I think Schotty would be a better HC than an OC and a much much better HC than Gase!!

I think if Schotty had been named HC instead of Gase we wouldn't look like this!

First and foremost players LIKE SCHOTTY... He is an EXCELLENT communicator.

And for the record I hated Schotty as OC, way to complicated but he was way better than this!!


Yup. Schotty has the personality and leadership traits to be a good HC, if he is prepared to let someone else call plays on O.

He missed his chance when he was a hot name early in his Jets' career, but he might still get another shot off the back of the Seahawks' successes.

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5 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Did he call that pass at the end of the Super Bowl that was intercepted by Butler?

(Incidentally, I was sitting at that end of the field during the Super Bowl.  The utter disbelief on the faces of Seahawks fans after that play was something I've never seen in my life.)

That was Darrell Bevell. He was a hot HC candidate himself until that one.

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