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14 Regular Season Games Left; How Many Wins?

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1 hour ago, PepPep said:

I was (and am) one of the optimists but what I have seen so far is much worse than I thought it would be.

I did not think we would beat the Bills away but I thought we would at least compete. I thought our defense would show up. 

I did not think we would beat the Niners until they showed up with a bunch of injuries and then lost their two starting DEs (including their best pass rusher in Bosa), and their starting QB. This team, SHOULD have turned that game around when starters started dropping like flies for the 49ers, including their starting QB. And we STILL couldn't stop them, we still couldn't put points on the board and make a game of it. 

So, yeah, despite being an optimist, the situation looks like it may be a lot worse than I thought it was. I'm looking at their schedule and I don't see them beating any team other than the Broncos, Dolphins and maybe the Chargers if they can rattle their rookie QB. That's about it. So I'm going to say 3 wins and a top 3 pick. They will probably split with the Dolphins. 

Well said!

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