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14 Regular Season Games Left; How Many Wins?

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Jesus we usually have these discussions in October right before Halloween. Now we having them after 2 games. We got worse after an entire off-season to make the team better. Like Bart Scott said yesterday, people are tired of being tired of making excuses for these players, coaches, and front office. The Jets have failed their fans year after year for pretty much the last decade. As a fan I foolishly wanted to believe we're headed in the right direction. Eventually we have to get it right is my thinking. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The Jets franchise somehow finds a way to never be right over the course of a decade. The Jets will eventually lose fans. Kids won't want to root for the Jets. We're like the Yuccaneers before Dungy when they were the laughing stock of the league. It's hard to envision things changing with the same ownership and the same power structure.


3 wins seems right. We'll get some guys back and be a little better. 

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