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14 Regular Season Games Left; How Many Wins?

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2 hours ago, Gangrene said:

There is a lot of disappointed , p*ssed Jets fans and rightly so.

Forget blaming anyone... Let's have a little fun forecasting the rest of the season.

How many wins in the remaining games of the regular season? Don't give me a range of possibilities, you have to pick a specific number.

Few thought we would squeak into the playoffs but the way we have lost the first few games has surprised most. 

For the optimists, there is always hope, that's how optimists are wired... you guys believe.

Forget the reasoning, forget injuries, rebuilding, and Covid as mitigating factors, what is your bottom line result forecast for the remainder of the season?

I'm going to go with my most optimistic number of 5 wins in the remainder of the season because we are going to get Mims and a few others off the IR in a few weeks. 

What say you between next Sunday, September 27th and Sunday January 3rd. How many Jets wins ???

I see possibly one tie left on our schedule. 

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