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Is It Possible That Tanking Was The Plan ???

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OK... The Jets are so bad, it gives one the idea that maybe that was the plan all along.

Do you think that JD's and even GASE's plan was to tank the season for the first overall draft pick ???

For the system Gase is wedded to, Trevor Lawrence would be a very good fit where as Darnold is a poor fit.

Is this possible ??? Are CJ, JD and AG all on the same page to TANK FOR TREVOR ???

Comments and thoughts ???

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10 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

Nothing in out of the question right now. 

Is Lawrence a good fit for Gase system ? WTF is Gase's system ? Right now after 18 games I have no idea.

If I was Lawrence I would seriously consider staying in school another year.

The foundation of Gase's system is very much the same system that Tom Moore used with Peyton Manning.

Here are a few of the major components. 

1. Largely static pocket with zone blocking scheme.

2. Several variations of four basic pass plays.  All depending on pre-snap read, precise rout running, perfect timing and ball placement by the QB.  All revolves around the QB finding the go-to spot in the zone *quickly*. 

3. Fast release/delivery by QB. 

4. Flood the field with multiple pass catchers to create opportunities in the zone. 

5. Mostly inside power running between the tackles. 

The idea is, you don't do a lot, but what you do, you execute to such perfection it is not defenseable.  It is a fair match for a pocket passer like Peyton Manning or perhaps Tom Brady.  Poor match for Darnold that should be matched in an offense with lots of motion, line shifts, misdirection and lots of play action. 

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1 minute ago, BettyBoop said:

Seriously?  Do you really think this was the plan???

no, but htf can you be this bad ???  even a novice fan can see how bad the offense is. not just the roster, but the scheme and the play calling. 

if i was the OC, right now, I would be running a two TE offense. They have a decent line and they have two TE's they can use and no WR's and a power back in gore.   

If you are lacking WR's go heavy with two te's... Even a pop warner coach could adapt better

they are not even trying to adapt to the roster they have.  makes no sense other than they want to lose


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