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The race to bottom: a look at the contenders for the #1 pick

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Jones has been one of the few bright spots on the Giants, he risks getting Darnold'd. Even if they get the pick I doubt they'll give up on him so soon. Their line is like ours from last year. They're more likely to trade for a haul if they have #1.

Denver and Carolina have been relatively competent organisations in the last few decades. If they set their sights on #1 they'll probably get it where the Jets will almost surely f*ck it up somehow.

The Franchise formerly known as the Redskins will be in contention too. They have a good defensive front and nothing else. The Bengals too are a pretty bizarre omission given they're coming off the first pick and are 0-2. Like with the Giants their issues are more obviously around the QB.

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