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Predict the Score: Week 3 vs Colts


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7 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Feels like the Jets are very close to quitting. Selling an undermanned roster to go out and fight for half a season can be done, but that message wears thin when you try and carry it over into the next season. I think the bottom has fallen out, not just on Gase, but on Darnold, too. If they get torched by the Colts, you gotta roll some heads


I'm expecting the worst loss yet. I think Rivers torches our defense, and starting Hogan/Malone/Berrios at WR again means < 20 points is , once more, guaranteed. 

I'll say 38-17 followed in the coming days by "Fire Gase" Billboards somewhere. 

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Earlier than any season I've ever witnessed as a Jets fan.

You know, it's funny. 

Probably the number one thing that has really depressed me over the past few years is that our season has been over before Halloween every year since 2015. It was the one thing I was hoping against hope we could avoid this year, and I figured that, by sheer law of averages, we would. But amazingly, I feel like the season is already over at 0-2. It's just unreal how bad this team is and it's so deflating. 

Also, this will be back to back years with no wins in the month of September. We are talking about historical futility. 


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Colts 27

Jets 13


The Colts target the exColt cornerbacks all game long.

Not bothering to run the ball against the Jets, the Colts target Pierre Desir non-stop, Desir manages to intercept Rivers once but keeps getting burned. Early in the third quarter, the Jets bench Desir for another ex Colt cb Nate Hairston, who in turn is benched in the fourth quarter for ex-Colt CB Quincy Wilson just out of concussion protocol.

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