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As expected Josh Malone added to 53 man roster

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 Slim Pickens SMH.

I honestly don't understand how people can pick on Gase and Darnold with the luck we have not had!

 Listen I cannot state factually what these guys will turn out to be. But we as fans also can't turn a blind eye and pretend it's excuses and not facts what has gone on for the last 2 years.

These guys haven't had a fighting chance and the fans are just totally Cut-throat plain and simple.

Tell me what new group will Darnold be throwing to this week ...during practice? Do you think Gase isn't sitting there with his head in his hand saying WTF?

Just sayin, I don't think any of these guys came here for a free paycheck or to lose or have a miserable life...

ya know!?

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2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Like the XFL but more anonymous

What is that pink stuff!? I can't take it anymore!

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Just now, BettyBoop said:

Here's how...

  • On 4th and 1 he puts in a guy fresh off the practice squad and gets stuffed.
  • He doesn't let he QB call an audible in that situation
  • He doesn't run the ball behind his mountain of a man at LT
  • He actually said he doesn't have any plays for 4th and 7
  • Down 3 scores in the 4th quarter he goes for a FG to be down 3 scores

That's some of the many reasons why

Touche. But if he knows for a fact that he's playing his 3rd string players, do you think the guys ready to whip out his best coaching performance?

 I don't know what you do for a living, but I can tell you that there's a difference between singing in a band in a dive bar, and opening for Motley Crue at Madison Square Garden.

Maybe the guy just knows he doesn't have the horses?

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@Sarge4Tide @BettyBoop

True story! Some 25 years ago I had an incredible guitar player. We were supposed to be showcasing for A&M records.

The guitar player bought the biggest amplifier he could find and also bought a 2 door Camaro. The night of the gig he had allergies and his mother gave him some kind of Benadryl or something. He was pretty stoned and finally figured out he couldn't fit as amplifier in his car.

Are you f****** kidding me!?

We had worked for months to be an incredible band and hopefully the best band in the world. But apparently dumb s*** happens!

I swear I'm not trying to make excuses for Gase. But at least try to put yourself in his shoes? This has been nothing but an uphill battle for him. I will admit that I think he's an anti-social, crazy football bookworm, so just imagine how frustrated he is!?

I am very sure that Adam has a plan and he just can't even get it off the f****** ground right now. It's got to be killing him, especially in the New York media Market and with the fans breathing down his neck ready to fly planes.

I'm pretty sure none of the Plane banners will say we're with you! and go for it! Just throwing out a different perspective and point of view.

What's your opinion? We'd like to know LOL! Remember that from Channel 11?

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