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Would you trade TWO 1st Rd picks right now for Brian Flores?

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I mean, a Coach with a Brain...and a Pulse. We have the Worst Head Coach in Football....by a MILE

No. There are quality coaches out there, we just have to make an effort to bring in the right one.  

The Bills also might've struck gold with Sean McDermott.  We have the worst HC in the division, by far.

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8 minutes ago, Icer said:

I would only trade those kinds of picks for Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay at this point

Kyle Shanahan is the 2nd best HC in the NFL, until the 4th quarter of the Superbowl (where he falls to just ahead of Adam Gase/Matt Patricia).

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7 minutes ago, Shea Jet said:

I'm sorry. Rephrased. Would you trade TWO 1st Rd picks (Seattles) if it meant Gase gets fired TONIGHT???

Sorry to be obnoxious, but we can fire Gase, hire a promising coach and keep the firsts.  Flores looks good but hasn't yet proven himself worthy.  I wouldn't trade two firsts for any coach.

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50 minutes ago, artemusclyde said:

No. I'm not buying into the hype. Flores' defenses have been garbage for his entire tenure despite being a "defensive mastermind." It's still early and his defense can get better, but he's been carried by his offense and Fitzpatrick playing decent football.

His record is 5-13 going into tonight’s game let’s relax with this guy

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3 hours ago, nico002 said:

The dolphins looked like they were going 0-16 the first few weeks of last year 

they came into today 0-2


The Dolphins were clearly tanking last year and despite that he did seem to pull them together and they won some they shouldn't have.

This year they were always going to struggle early on and improve as the season goes on. They've got a lot of player turnover including brining in a lot of young guys.

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