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It's been a while......


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1 minute ago, indygirl4jets said:

I'm not going anywhere.

Congratulations, you’ve passed the first trial. Now you must answer these questions three. Answer right and thee may stay. Answer wrong and you must go on a date with Tom (ending in tongue):

Being the smartest and generally the most reliable person on the site, I get to go first:

Q: How much better (on a scale of “a lot” to “infinityzillion”) would Peyton’s career had been if he didn’t have the heart of a Frenchman and came out of school early to get drafted by the Jets?

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3 hours ago, indygirl4jets said:

Some people just are. No worries.

Anyway welcome back, things are not normal even for Jets fans. You posted after the worst two displays of “Football” - At least that’s what I thought they where doing? - I or anyone else has ever seen.

Since we are about to get blown out by the Colts on Sunday, they may think you came here to troll?

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I remember @indygirl4jets from a long time ago, spotty, infrequent poster; but totally legit. It's easy to say have a thick skin when you're not privy to the inside joke.

No-one is being vicious. Kelly poses as female but blew his cover elsewhere a long time ago. He continues with the charade. It's really not conjecture, and for the most part everyone leaves he/she/it alone about it; but it somehow peripherally never dies and I'm sure it never will. They're just messing with you.




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10 hours ago, indygirl4jets said:

I think you are more of an ass than anything. Leave me alone! I am not Kelly. My name is Kim.

Max!!!!!!! Can you tell this jerk to just stop!?

On behalf of the board, allow me to apologize Kim. Many of our members are still in the process of being socialized and are simply not fit for civil discourse quite yet. 


Welcome, and we all look forward to a good game with no injuries....granted, Indy is going to stomp this leaderless, directionless band of misfits 35 - 13.



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10 hours ago, indygirl4jets said:

I've been a member here since 08. What the hell is his problem? Yes, I am a Colts fan and a Jets fan.

I remember you. Welcome. We are Jets/Colts fans in my household too.

Congrats on Irsay firing his bad GM and then hiring a good one. We’re on a tradition-level streak of replacing bad GMs with worse ones, but hope to see that streak break with Joe Douglas. 


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