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I feel bad for Jets fans- Mark Cannizzaro

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2 hours ago, jetophile said:

I call bullsht. Nobody feels bad for the Jets or Jets fans. Not even the Jets or Jets fans. 

I was just talking to my Giants fan cousin this morning - he's my favorite cousin - See? Why can't we all just get along; and I said, "It never changes. At what point do you just say enough is enough." "You already said that." "When?" "Every year." "Oh, yeah, that. I'm an existentialist."

Camus claims that Sisyphus is the ideal absurd hero and that his punishment is representative of the human condition: Sisyphus must struggle perpetually and without hope of success. So long as he accepts that there is nothing more to life than this absurd struggle, then he can find happiness in it, says Camus.

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