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### JETS at COLTS ### The official game thread


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4 hours ago, Larz said:

Jets at Colts. 4:05

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?  



Not much to say other than these guys have been grilled and toasted all week and we’ll find out who has pride and wants to be here today. 

Seems like a lifetime ago. The Charlotte NC piece I filmed.  That was when our club was rockin!!!!

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So, for some reason, the local CBS affiliate in Chicago is showing Jets v Colts this afternoon.  Must be because northern Indiana is part of the viewing area.  No watching the game on a zoom meeting with my buddy sharing his screen, which we did week 1, last week was red zone with the radio feed.

Now, I get to watch the game llike any other nomral viewer.  Although I guess if I was a normal viewer I would watch Dallas v Seattle on Fox.

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I know the doom and gloom crowd is expecting an L. And booking airplanes to fly over Met Life. But for some reason I think we can win today and the team is due for a better performance. Esp Sam. The Oline is better and I'm hoping Perine can add to the Rb mix and stand out. Crowder who is not a big time receiver but a good player is reportedly out again. And he's our best receiver right now. Like to see the tight ends brought more into the mix. Jets 24 Colts 17. 

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53 minutes ago, SAR I said:

A MetLife Chicken Tender Basket goes to the first fan who can post the first and last names of the 4 Jets WR’s dressed for this game without looking it up.   


Bah.   They are also only dressing 4 corners, which means if the Colts go 4 WR, the Jets will not be able to match up.

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