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### JETS at COLTS ### The official game thread


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2 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Please place me on that list as well. Adam Gase is an unqualified fraud. A total bullsh*t artist who is so afraid of being found out and is so insecure, he refuses to hire qualified assistants for fear of being called out in person. Hes so clueless, he's trying to run an entire NFL Football team operation, without an actual Offensive Coordinator or QB Coach. A mumbling, egomaniac cypher that inspires NOBODY, who has never shown any modicum of innovation,  that drags around his idiot buddy Dowell Loggains to run interference for him. A total scam artist that tries to hide his flaws to the point that he is physically unable to make direct eye contact with others. 


He has completely ruined and destroyed a once promising player due to his incompetence and cowardly attitude. He presides year after year over the longest injury list in the NFL, because players are completely unwilling to put ANYTHING on the line for him. 


Fire Gase. This product is on HIS narrow and weak shoulders. 


Come at me, bro.

^^Has more heart than Sam Darnold.

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14 minutes ago, Ken Schroy said:

When a teams is this bad, collectively, nobody should survive the axe. Everyone should go. The only 1 that gets a SLIGHT pass is JD. He knew this organization was a mess, that why he asked for a 6yr deal.

Raze their ugly “new” stadium and salt the field.  Nothing should ever be played their again.

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