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GreekJets keys to victory Week 3

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3 hours ago, bealeb319 said:

I think the first part of this is spot on. We need to let Sam take control of the team. It would motivate his players to see him take charge and make adjustments and even if they don't work it is an important learning experience for him as a qb.

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I agree 100% but Gase is the problem here. Sam should have been given the reins and true control of the offense a long time ago. At least at the start of the season. 

The gameplan should be to run the ball behind Becton (and give Perine a chance b/c he's got some more quickness than Gore to get around the edge) and design roll outs for Sam to target Herndon, Griffin and Cager. Take advantage of Sam's ability to make plays on the move and the size the Jets have at receiver/TE. And yes, Sam should have the freedom to take over, change plays and throw the ball down the field if he sees a weakness in the D. In general, the Jets need to be creative on offense. 

But Gase's not gonna do that. He will put the chains on Darnold keeping him within his regimented set of play-calls and he will keep him in the pocket because thats the kind of QB he wants.  He will run the ball with Gore because he 'trusts' him and do so down the middle, not behind Becton. He will continue with the dinky throws and screens to our receivers instead of targeting our TEs. I would not be surprised if Cager barely got involved and Hogan got most of the action. 

1. I expect Sam to have a solid game and play hard and with a lot of grit. I think he's sick of losing and he hasn't given up like a lot of others think. 

2. I expect the offense to still look like s**t b/c of the play-calling and inability to convert third downs and get the ball in the end zone. 

3. I think the defense will bounce back and have a solid performance. Gregg Williams will turn a corner. 

I've changed my prediction. I originally had this a blowout but I think it will be closer. I think Jets keep it close early but can't score enough points to actually make it a game down the stretch.

Colts- 27

Jets- 20

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