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Draft Predictionns


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It will be very intersting to see if the Jets go Offense or Defense with their first pick.

IMO, you can't ignore Parcells/Bellichick bias toward the D.

1)These were Mangini's mentors. His adding ex-players to the coaching staff is right out of Parcell's handbook.

2)With the right moves our D could be very stout next year which will make us a competitive team. Hawk, Williams, Ngata are all possibilities.

3)If we go Offense, I think QB is more likely than OL.

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In one of our chats Rich Cimini gave the strong hint that Abe was not highly thought of by New England camp- I would not be shocked if Mario Williams is our first pick if Abe is traded

If Abe is traded, Williams has to be the pick with an OT or Brodie Croyle taken with the pick acquired for Abe.

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You have to look at Mangini's schooling. Look at the Patriots. The key to their drafts is that they did not become enamoured with one particular prospect in the early rounds. They were content to see some guy get drafted knowing they had someone else of equal value to take.

I do not see the Jets trading up. Given their cap problems I do not see them keeping their 4th pick. Look for them to trade down/ make trades to pick up multiple cheaper picks not only this year, but to get a couple of extra picks for next year. The Jets will have too many needs to get that one "great" "can't lose" pick. This will be a workman-like draft without the splash, but will get alot of talented nasty players (with good character of course). No qb in the 1st round. The Jets will select a qb in the later rounds.

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