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A fish rots from the head down


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17 minutes ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

This is what you get when Christopher Johnson is running things.

He finally fired Bowles, but let Macc hire the coach, run the draft and free agency before he fired him.

That is total idiotic lunacy!

Now Douglas is gonna clean house and do it his way.

Nobody is safe!

Woody did the same thing all the time, hiring/firing half a regime at a time. This part of our culture was here GM before Chris Johnson.

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12 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

We are officially the worst team in the NFL.    THAT is Woody Johnson

NO competent businessman leaves the reigns to his brother.

Basically a moron who has accomplished nothing 

I have no ties to this team emotionally any longer.


I watched but with no emotion other than laughter.  They’re so incredibly bad, there’s no pain anymore.  The whole show is now a Comedy.  From the play on the field, then you see the strange, beady eyed so called Coach who gets blown out of so many loses.  Then you think about his little King of Queens guy flunky working with Darnold on a practice field, the 98 pound Dweeb Owners.  The awful “New” stadium that was built for them.

You put it all together it’s beyond comprehension.  But like I said at this point it’s nothing but Comedy.

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