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GreekJets Game Balls and Goats


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Overall Take: The Jets are not an NFL team right now. Fortunately they play another horrible team on Thursday night in what should be a full on cripple fight:

Game Balls: 

Braxton Berrios-He actually looks like a professional Wide Receiver. When Crowder comes back he still should have a role in this offense. 

other than Berrios I cant hand out another game ball.


Game Goats:

Bless Austin-After a solid first game the bloom has fallen off the rose with Bless. He is a liability.

Bradley MacDouglad-Maybe he needs to practice harder because he stunk it up today 

Pierre Desir-Just isn’t competing out there

Sam Darnold-Awful, Awful, Awful. Gase took the handcuffs off of him in the first three quarters and he completely crapped himself. The interceptions weren’t even the worst today. He missed three wide open targets for big games and continues to take terrible sacks. He is just not a capable NFL starting QB right now.

Chris Hogan-He’s completely useless and should be DFAd once Mims and Perriman comeback. 

Ryan Griffin-Another player stealing money from the Johnsons

Chuma Edoga/Connor McDermott-Woof

Adam Gase-Frank Gore with 16 touches is not a winning gameplan. I also hated how he essentially threw In the towel after Darnolds third pick. 

Been a diehard fan of this team since the 80s. This is the worst three game stretch I have seen in roughly 35 years of Jets football. 


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