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The Gilgo Beach Killer; developments?

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I didn't click the link, but that whole thing is nuts. There are so many dumping grounds in the U.S., especially in desert areas, but this is especially crazy because while 'remote' as far as regular beach goers go (no pun intended), it is most definitely someone who has a comfort zone there and it's close enough to the beaten path to be on the razor line of being detected.

The police totally frigged up The Green River Killer (Gary Ridgeway) murders, partly because there were so many victims they initially dismissed that it could be the work of one person. The other part was because who cares about underage prostitutes, used up prostitutes, sex workers, and drug addicts. They were so close at one point but because of bumbling and ineptness, Ridgeway kept going until DNA came to the rescue on old cases almost 20 years later.

It's similar here, and although attitudes have changed greatly towards the victims due to the lives they led through either circumstance, bad choices, or desperation, it's a day late and a dollar short. It's very sad, and their families deserve justice. We've become so desensitized to violence as a species that it's easy to dismiss the import of murder. Your life is the only thing that truly belongs to you, and taking that from someone willfully, especially when they haven't done anything to you, is the most scum suckingest thing I can think of.  I can't wrap my mind around throwing away a human being like garbage. Nobody deserves that, except maybe Charlie Manson, Jimmy Savile, or Hitler.

I hope an arrest is made. 



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