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54 minutes ago, JiF said:

I've seen Fant get worked plenty already this season but whatevs, Edoga wasnt awful at RT, he was awful when they moved him to LT.  I'm not sure how you could call Fant a "severe" upgrade.  It's not like he had some crazy amount of experience and was a sure shot signing, they signed him with hope he could be a starter, something he wasnt in Seattle.  Meanwhile the team that let him walk and has the best offense in the NFL, is starting Jets case off, Brandon Shell at RT.

Which brings me to the greater point I was trying to make, it's not about splitting hairs between who's better, Edoga or Fant it's about how scary bad this roster has been handled.  Last season with the NY Jets, I witnessed quite possibly the worst OL I've ever seen. 3 of the 4 starters that this team let go because they were so bad, are now starting on the best offensive teams in the NFL, Beachum, Osemele and Shell.  Oh and guess who started 100% of the snaps for the Bills on Sunday, Brian Winters.  So now that's 4 for 4 on departed OL who are now starting on the best offensive teams in Football. 

Gase is pathetic, we know that but what's JD's excuse?  If he's an OL guru, why wasnt he able to see that all of these guys are capable of playing in high powered offenses but a total disaster here? 


If we re going to ask the above questions, then I think it would be fair to include some more information, not just "our bad OL are now on good offenses".

The offenses those player have joined have the #1 (Mahomes) and #2 (Russ)  QBs in the league, while the other 2 have mobile QBs in Allen and Murray.  On top of that, they play for Andy Reid, Carroll, Kingsbury and Daboll - all of whom could spend game week drinking in Vegas and put together a better offensive gameplay then Gase.

I can't blame JD for the fact that someone like Osmele is successful with the best offense in the league. Mike Remmers started at RG for the chiefs last night and they crushed the Ravens - that doesnt mean that Mike Remmers is suddenly a good player.

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