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Cowherd: Jets have reached out to agents about coaching candidates


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31 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

Are there any legit HC candidates without jobs right now?

Or would they be reaching out to guys under contract with other teams,?  Seems very early to start that process, as you can't interview them until the regular season is over, at the earliest.

Yeah exactly, nobody is even remotely interested at this point....3 games into the season and anyone who’s worth a lick is concentrating on winning football matches and making a post season run, there may be some candidates on the radar but their ability and availability can only really be judged in December or January.

this just sounds like a blowhard with a show that relies on ratings and headlines dropping something without any basis just for sh!ts & giggles

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8 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Denver is starting their 3rd strong quarterback. Thursday will be an impossible watch but it probably saves Gases job for at least a week.

If this game was in Denver it would be a blowout. But Denver is traveling east but so are we so that’s a wash. This should actually be a great matchup of futility. 

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6 minutes ago, jmat321 said:

reaching out to agents now, but Gase gone after Thurs?  So interm coach, then  lining up a candidate for after the season?  Or are they going to actually try an outside hire now?  What's going on here?  Sounds like BS.

don't ******* matter

I don't care if they hire the coach of the Syosset Hermits.


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1 hour ago, Barkus said:

JD needs to be the point man on this. Cj just needs to sign the check and shut up.

Once would have to hope the agents and coaching list being compiled if that is occurring would be provided to JD for him to have the main input to the HC to be hired since they have to work hand and hand regardless of the reporting structure. 

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1 hour ago, DLJ said:


Cowherd just dropped some tea on his show- said Jets brass have reached out to agents about coaching candidates.


I know some of you hate him. I’m just the messenger.


For when?  Now?  They're going to fire Gase and hire a Head Coach mid season rather than just promote from within?  That seems strange, has this ever happened?   Arent you eliminating all the coordinator'/college candidates if you do it this way?  

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1 hour ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

I don't even trust JD finding us a head coach. 

He's made our roster worse not better by getting rid of Robby and Jamal. 

What great coach has JD ever signed? 


Crap GM after crap coach is all we are. 


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