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****The Official Broncos @ Jets Gameday Thread****


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Just now, Philc1 said:

Desir’s coverage on the td was actually good he was in perfect position to pick it off he just didn’t catch it


but this is absolutely a pick

You dont think he was interfered with?  Jeudy had his arms over his shoulders.

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Just now, JustEndTheSuffering said:

Hughes just tweeted the Jets offense is on the field. 

I can't decide what's more painful to watch - our crappy defense (that takes a penalty on every other play) or our crappy offense with the most pathetic OL the NFL has ever seen (at least since last year's Jets).

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2 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

They need to just wrap him up in bubble wrap and drop him off at the nearest PT rehab center. If he tore something, then he needs to take care of that ASAP

Yes. the man mountain needs bubble wrap.

Gase is able to mind ocntrol Sam to hold ontothe ball and the D to make stupid penatles and Desir to letthe ball go throwugh his hands...

he has a future in espionage...


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