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****The Official Broncos @ Jets Gameday Thread****

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Waiting for announcement on Gase like:

You don't tug on Superman's cape and you don't challenge Pierre Desir 32 times in a row.

Great QB draw by Gase.  SAR I

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7 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

Jets history tells me that odds are excessively high that if they keep Gase, which I suspect they will, they'll be terrible all season long before picking up a few meaningless late season wins just to totally screw the Jets draft slot and have the team questioning whether the incompetent douche may be finally putting it all together.

This team is nothing if not predictable with their stupidity.

This is by far the worst team we'll play this year and we're currently down by 1. These aren't your Same Old Jets.

They're much worse.

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2 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Adam “red zone” Gase! Such brilliance! I must shield my eyes, or look away (or I may vomit).

Gore up the middle and iNcomplete passes in the flat, over and over,FOREVER

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Just now, Sonny Werblin said:

Why use your supposed night mare matchup TE in the red zone? That would be as stupid as rolling out your mobile QB who throws best on the run.

No scheming.  It would be interesting to see the rest of the field.  When did this become the frank gore show.

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1 minute ago, DoubleDecker said:

Dispicable play calling by Gase!  Run gore twice, then wheel route to gore, wtf!? Why is Frank gore the focal point of our offense!?

Just wait till Bell is healthy the RB’s will see 10 total touches and targets combined 

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1 minute ago, Mogglez said:

Did Gase just seriously roll Gore on a wheel route after running him on 2 & 5???

Another Gase fine moment of bad play calling with Perrine and Ballege. No Herndon either.   Another fine level of Gase blowing the playcalls.

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His receivers are horrific.  His best receiver is a guy who was literally on the street yesterday
its amazing Sam has kept this game competitive 

They and Denver’s defense seems to know the plays more than the receivers do.

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13 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

I agree that Darnold has not played well, but I think the WRs he is playing with are simply unacceptable in 2020 NFL. Look at the WRs the other guy has. It's every week. Your best WR can't be Crowder. He's a nice slot guy who should be, at the very best, a 3rd option on a championship caliber offense. 

Regardless of what happens with Darnold, the Jets need to join the rest of the NFL and start prioritizing getting good WRs. 

Darnold’s vision has been screwed by his internal clock. It doesn’t matter if cager is a PS guy. He’s like 6’5” and wide open and you can’t get him the ball?

also — Darnold has the worst long ball accuracy I’ve ever seen and I’m a Darnold fan.

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