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The only constant with our team is embarrassment

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47 minutes ago, JiF said:

I hope you're right, the early returns are not good.

I used to care about the Jets, now?  Why would I?  They dont care about winning.  It's more nostalgia at this point than anything else.  When I was born, I was wrapped in Klecko jersey, I didnt have say in this sh*t.  It'sjust kind of part of me even though the passion is gone.  I'm sure wining would fix that.

My approach on how to handle the Jets ineptitude is to just simply use them as the shining example if my life of what not to be.

I will pass down my love of football to my kids.  I will not pass the Jets down to them.  Especially if the Johnsons still own the team.  They can choose their own favorite teams when they grow up a little bit.

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