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What Do We Make of Sam...

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5 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

he is not

but he still has a lot to prove and a lot of time ahead of him

he looked...encouraging.

He's up and down. 

My gut tells me he won't work out here and be one of those guys who puts it together later in his career for another team. 

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These days of playing with crap on offense can make him become great once he has some weapons. 

I'm all for Trevor too but I'm still pulling for Sam. Becton as a Franchise LT is a good start. I hope Mims is the real deal and I hope we draft him a #1 WR 1st round ala something we haven't done since Keyshawn and Santana Moss. 

We have 4 first round picks over the next two years. All 4 must be on offense because Sam would look great with talent around him. 

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Well, he tried 3 back shoulder throws last drive...  his intended targets didnt really have a shot on 2, th eother one was jussst off and defended.

He missed Smith wide open...

But he threw one up for grabs in the red zone again...  smh

I root for the kid...  but inocnsistency is still present....

fwiw, Desir was impressive the way he stopped the momentum with his facemask so that it was basically suspended momentarily in mid air for Jeudy to grab...  

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