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Sam Darnold is not good, and Trevor Lawrence = Nick Foles . Play Flacco

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I have seen enough of Sam Darnold's lack of accuracy and mistakes. He did the same thing in college, and nothing is changing. Insanity hoping he will turn out better,

Trevor Lawrence has a good arm, but is up and down and will be an avg nfl qb with upside, he is no peyton manning but more nick foles with the pretty face.

Play Flacco and get players around him. He is an underrated qb who never had a wr better than Boldin . Arm him with Jaylen Waddle and players in free agency and get Mims back.

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Watch Trevor L vs Lsu championship game, he is horrible vs pressure.  He was highly inaccurate. I like his size, and arm but he is not a finished product. 

He will never be a Peyton Manning. He relies on Clemson's talent beating bad ACC teams.  

Right now I want the Jets to get speed on offense and build around Flacco because he is just as good as these 2 qbs i mentioned. He can win you a title.

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1 minute ago, slimjasi said:

Both Darnold AND Lawrence s*ck. Hey, at least this is an original take. 

Joe Flacco has won a superbowl mvp and has never had great offensive players around him. Like I said if you give him players and a franchise left tackle like Becton , he will win you games and perhaps a title . He is a pocket statue, but with protection and players, he will  cut you apart. He is also good in cold weather and plays better in the playoffs than regular season. 

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