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The Jets Could Win With The Current Roster Under A Good Coach

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A good head coach goes for it on 4th and 1 when down by two with the knowledge that Brandon McManus is on the opposing team. If the Broncos had a JAG kicker, kicking a FG may have been an acceptable decision. A good head coach knows that a rookie QB is not likely to drive his team downfield to score a TD to win, but can get a guy with a 60 plus fg range within his distance. The loss vs the Broncos was not solely because of talent. 

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The Jets are a total mess.  It is all due to Gase.  He is a team killer. For anyone sticking up for Gase and pointing to the roster as the reason the Jets are so bad.  Forget it.  Granted, they d

Yeah, this is not correct.

We need a coach that will run more wheel routes for our 37 year old RB in the RZ. 

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