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Arch Manning scores 6 TDs in eye popping season opener

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I’m sure the kid is wonderful. Great pedigree and all. But, it’s high school, he’s a sophomore and lets not forget there are other kids on thar team - private school I think - so his teammates are high end talent. 

I haven’t seen a high school QB get this much hype since Ron Pawlus. Who? Exactly.

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20 hours ago, Integrity28 said:


I feel like 80 is trying really hard to take @dbatesman’s spot as T0m’s fluffed.

Thoughts @CTM?


20 hours ago, CTM said:

Word ... those two act like they believe t0m's ween dispenses a 24 hr covid vaccine 



20 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

apply soft serve GIF


18 hours ago, JiF said:

I'm actually quite surprised the dbates hasnt fought 80 for the right to t0m's ween


happy bread GIF by Threadless

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9 hours ago, LockeJET said:

Arch Manning 6 TDs last night in his HS debut. He should be available right around the same time the Jets ruin Lawrence.

Too optimistic? You’re talking 6-7 years from now. TL will be ruined by 2022, 2023. 

Edit: “Inshallah”

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