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"Glass" Joe Douglas

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39 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

The misdirected anger is getting old, fast.  

Johnsons, with a side of:  big mac cheeseburger GIF by Shaking Food GIFs


Douglas is the only hope for this woebegone franchise.  We're not attracting a better caliber GM than him as long as the Johnson's own the franchise.  It's sink or swim with JD whether folks like it or not.

Like blaming the tow truck driver for the accident

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1 minute ago, batman10023 said:

a good punter really makes a big difference and is overlooked.

Especially on a team that averages 15 punts a game

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4 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

It is very apparent that we see different players when we watch Darnold play. I have no idea if you are right, or if I am right. So, let's try it this way.

What did you see from Alex Smith the first 3 years of his career?

Smith was in 32 games with 30 starts and posted the following numbers:

11 wins;  19 Losses;  203 completions on 800 Attempts for 54.4%;  4,697 yards;  19 TDs;  31 Int

Sam Darnold has been in 30 games with all 30 as the starting QB and posted the following:

11 Wins;  19 Losses;  594 completions on 993 Attempts for 59.8%;  6,681 yards;  39 TDs;  32 Int 

What happened after Smith's third season? He missed season 4 with a shoulder injury. Then posted solid stats over 4 seasons in SF and then played for Andy Reid in KC. Over his 5 seasons as the starter in KC, Smith posted:

50 Wins;  26 Losses;  with completion percentage of 65.1% and averaged 231 yards per game. And, oh yeah, he never threw more than 8 interceptions in a season.

Why was Smith able to turn it around and Darnold, in your view, is not likely to? Especially since Darnolds' first 30 starts are better than Smith's.

The relevant questions are: 1) What made Alex Smith fail in his first 3 seasons? 2) Do those reasons exist for Darnold? 3) What made Alex Smith succeed after his first 3 seasons? 4) Can Darnold succeed if the same things are done for him?

Because Smith was an extraordinary outlier. Betting on Darnold now would be like cashing out your 401k to buy lotto tickets because you saw in the paper that someone outside of Harrisburg won $200M.

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On 10/5/2020 at 5:56 PM, slimjasi said:

People believe in Douglas because his plan is sound (acquire a lot of draft capital, build through the draft, avoid quick fixes like overpaying free agents). But, Idzik's plan was also sound. The bottom line is, either he is good at drafting or he is bad at drafting. 

We'll find out soon enough. 

Yep. Anyone’s plan can work if they nail the draft.

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