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"Glass" Joe Douglas

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I have faith in joe Douglas.

I feel some people are down on him because of his free agency. But I think his plan all along was to tear this thing down, and look to next year.

Jets had a lot of bad contracts to shed. Tru, Enunwa, Bell, etc. And the roster was not ready to compete, so why spend big money.  Everyone he signed was for short term. 1 & 2 year deals. Rentals if you will. Whoever works out he will retain. Whoever doesn't will be shown the door. 

His plan was to purge this roster. Get younger and build this team from the ground up in his vision

He has been accumulating cap space, and draft picks for next year. Next year is when we will see what Douglas is made of. Multiple 1st rounders, and tons of cap space.

2021 is when Douglas puts his fingerprint on this team. Next offseason we see what Douglas is made of. 


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